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Dr. Shaaban during Schiller Institute Conference: UK has funded Syrian "eyewitnesses" to spread lies about events in Syria

The Presidential Political and Media Advisor, Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban took part in an online conference organized by the German Schiller Research Institute during which she made a speech dealing with Syria and the world order and the war on Syria.

 She said that "from day one of the war on Syria on March 15, 2011, we felt that we are fighting a doubled war, one that is going on in the streets with people of flesh and blood being led by well organized secret forces which instruct them what to do and how to do it. The second parallel war deals with concepts and narratives, focusing on confusing the Syrian people about what is happening in their country and what is the ultimate objective of these extraordinary movements both in the street and in western media."

She added that the movement in the street and the media war against Syria seem to have been fueled and spread in new areas in the country.

She  pointed out that "according to leaked British papers, the UK officially funded Syrian men and women calling them eyewitnesses through different agents. All western and Gulf media were withdrawn from Syria and the entire western media derived its news from these eyewitnesses and from one man who sits in UK and whose name is Rami Abdul Rahman who invented for himself a platform called the Syria platform for human rights."

 She went on to say that "western and Gulf governments were pressing Syrian officials to dissent and bribing some of them with money to join this war against the Syrian government, assuring them that the political system is going to fall and collapse within a week or two."

"Now after the destruction that has befallen Syria and all the bloodshed and the loss of lives, institutions, archeology and part of our civilized identity, it is very obvious to us that western governments, especially their military and intelligence services planned, trained and sent thousands of terrorists with Saudi, Qatari and Emirates' money and Turkish backing to destroy Syria. They were never interested in making Syria a better place for its people, rather, they wanted to turn Syria into a destroyed satellite state that follows their orders and that they can loot its resources just like in the war on Iraq, Libya and Yemen," Shaaban stressed.

She thanked all the efforts being exerted to lift the unfair sanctions imposed on Syria which are considered as a crime against humanity.

Here is the link of the video including Dr. Shaaban's full speech during the conference:

Hamda Mustafa