Al-Jaafari: What is required today is to read the situation in Syria in an objective and correct way

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari has affirmed that economic and financial terrorism being practiced against Syria has started since the first days of the terror war that has been waged on the country. 
Al-Jaafari's remarks were made during a speech he made via video during the International Arab Forum for Lifting  the siege and sanctions being imposed on Syria . 
The forum was organized by the  Arab National Conference and the International Arab Center for Communication and Solidarity in Beirut with the participation of more than 250 Arab and international dignitaries. 
Al-Jaafari stressed that the coercive measures being imposed on Syria reflects the political hypocrisy of some countries that claim that they care about the people of Syria while they continue violating Syria's sovereignty and refuse to cooperate with the Syrian government. 
He made it clear that the practices of the countries that impose sanctions on Syria are similar to those of the terrorist groups, which receive support from these countries. 
Al-Jaafari pointed out that the unjust sanctions directly affect the main needs of the Syrian people , especially in the health sector. He asserted that the file of humanitarian aid is being politicized in a way that  contradicts the principles of humanitarian and development work. 
Moreover, the Deputy Minister of foreign affairs emphasized that US, UK, France  and other countries have done their utmost to undermine Syria's political situation and to settle their old and new accounts with it as well as to achieve their intervention agendas. 
He referred to the fact that the so-called US-led Coalition “ destroyed around 90% of the Syrian  city of Raqqa under the pretext of fighting terrorism. 
Al-Jaafari underscored that what is required today is to immediately stop the intervention in Syria's internal affairs and to remove the unjust and illegal measures being imposed on Syria as well as to read the situation in an objective and correct way instead of depending on stances that prolong the crisis and causes the spread of terrorism. 
“The interests of Syrian people and their national and nationalist goals are foundations that could not be encroached,” he concluded. 
Basma Qaddour