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Syrian Al-Jazeera's tribes support presidential elections and reject the presence of US and Turkish occupation forces in Syria

HASAKAH, ( ST)_ The residents of the southern countryside of Qameshli gathered in the “tent of the homeland" in Al-Haj town to express their support for presidential elections and to say NO to the US and Turkish occupation forces and their tools. 
Speaking to the correspondent of the Syrian News Agency (SANA), Head of Al-Tay tribe Sheikh Mohammad Al-Fares said that tribes of the Syrian Al-Jazeera region stand by the Syrian army in their effort to expel the US and Turkish occupation forces from Syria.
He referred to the fact that President Bashar Al-Assad has not abandoned his people throughout the years of the crisis.
For his part, resident Mahmod Al-Salem believes that the only way to get rid of the impact of the aggressive war is to expel the occupation forces through popular resistance and by standing by the Syrian army. 
Basma Qaddour