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Syria appeals to UNSC to take decisive measures to prevent repetition of Israeli attack on Syrian territories

DAMASCUS, (ST)_Syria has appealed to UN Security Council to take decisive and immediate measures to prevent the repetition of Israeli attacks on Syrian territory. 
It has asserted  the need to hold the Israeli occupation authorities accountable for their terrorism and crimes committed against the Syrian and Palestinian peoples and their continuous support for terrorist organizations.
“Israeli occupation authorities, at dawn today ,  carried out a new missile attack from Lebanon towards the vicinity of Damascus in flagrant violation of United Nations Charter, the principles of international law and relevant UN resolutions which all affirm respect for the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said in a statement released on Thursday.  
The statement said that the Israeli missile attack has been carried out as the world celebrates Easter, which Syria believes is a message  of love and peace to the world. 
“ Israel's recent attack on Syria proves once again that it does not believe in peace but rather in the law of the jungle. The Israeli officials unashamedly talk about their readiness to go ahead with their attacks to cover their political and electoral dilemma depending on the continuity of the US administration's policy and the EU's indirect cover of the outcomes of Brussels V conference that reflect obsolete colonial thinking,” the ministry added. 
It referred to the US administration's desperate attempts to rehabilitate the terrorist ringleader “ Abo Mohammad Al-Jolani" through his appearance on US media outlets. “These acts have become part of the western campaign that seeks to strangulate Syria economically through tightening the siege on its people.” 
The ministry underlined that “Israel” continuous dangerous and irresponsible acts would have never been done without the limitless support being offered to Israel by the US administration and other states known at Security council. 
It concluded by saying that Syria still relies on the international legitimacy and UN Security council, and calls on UNSC to assume its responsibilities in the framework of the UN charter, and take decisive and immediate measures to prevent the repetition of those Israeli attacks, and to hold “Israel” accountable for its crimes and terrorism against the Syrian and Palestinian peoples and to oblige it to respect the Disengagement forces treaty.
Basma Qaddour