Al-Miqdad underscores the necessity of the occupation forces' withdrawal from Syria

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Faisal Al-Miqdad, has argued that after the failure  of countries hostile to Syria to achieve their schemes and conspiracies, they resorted to launching  an aggressive war on Syria using terrorist groups who were brought in from all over the world  to target Syria and weaken its capabilities.
“Since the beginning of the terrorist war on Syria and after the failure of the hostile states to achieve their goals against an independent and sovereign country, they directly interfered through supporting terrorist groups, who they brought in and were funded by well-known states in and outside the region like France, US, Britain, Germany and other European states,” the Minister said in a video speech in the conference of “Regional Dynamics” held in Tehran on Tuesday. 
He added that Syria, with the cooperation of  friends and allies, liberated a lot of areas from terrorism while the US forces continue occupying parts of the Syrian territories and supporting the separatist militias in al-Jazeera area in  violation of the UN charter.
Al-Miqdad called for the withdrawal of all occupation forces from Syrian territories.
He went on to say that everyone knows that our main enemy is “Israel”, stressing that there is no legal value to the previous US administration’s proclamation regarding the occupied Syrian Golan and the occupied Jerusalem.
The minister stressed that the Israeli occupation has encouraged Washington to withdraw from the nuclear agreement with Iran and to make its proclamation regarding the occupied Syrian Golan and occupied Jerusalem.
He added that the new US administration, headed by Joe Biden, should cooperate with international efforts and return to the nuclear agreement without preconditions.
Al-Miqdad underscored that no real shift in international situation will be made if the behaviors of the US and the EU have not changed, indicating that Syria calls for peace and resolving the current conflicts through peaceful means.
“International law must govern our world and there should be a new world system based on justice in accordance with the UN charter and other international laws,” he concluded. 
Basma Qaddour