Explosion of anti-tank mine, left by terrorists, kills 5 civilians, wounds 13 others in Salamiyyeh in Syria's Hama

5 civilians were martyred and 13 others were wounded on Saturday when an anti-tank mine, left by terrorists upon their defeat in Salamiyyeh city in the eastern countryside of Hama, exploded, according to a source at Hama Police Command.

The explosion occurred when a car, carrying farmers on their way to harvest their production of truffles in the village of Rasm Al-Ahmar in Salamiyyeh, ran over the mine, the source said, pointing out that the number of martyrs is expected to increase as some of the wounded suffer from serious injuries.

On Friday three civilians were martyred in the blast of a landmine left by ISIS terrorists in agricultural lands in the outskirts of Abu Laffeh village, to the east of Salamyyeh.

 Before their defeat in several Syrian areas, the terrorist organizations deliberately planted explosive devices and mines in houses and agricultural lands in several villages and towns, as part of their crimes against the Syrians with the aim frightening the locals and preventing them from practicing their normal life in the areas liberated by the Syrian army from terrorism.  

Hamda Mustafa