The (SDF) militia seizes a number of fodder distribution centers in Al-Hasakah

Hasakah (ST): The US-backed SDF militia seized a number of distribution centers for fodder materials affiliated to the branch of the General Fodder Corporation and stole the materials they contained.

The director of the General Fodder Corporation branch, Brchink Khader, explained in a statement  that the captured centers are “Al-Hasakah, Qameshli, Amouda and Al-Qahtaniyah,” and contain quantities estimated at 13,503 tons of bran and 1,800 tons of fodder barley. The fodder branch was allocated for distribution to livestock breeders within the current fodder cycle.

The militia’s takeover of the fodder distribution centers comes in light of the urgent need of livestock breeders for fodder materials provided to them at a subsidized price by the Fodder Corporation’s branch.