Stifling bread crisis due to the (SDF) militia seizing a number of bakeries in Al-Hasakah

Hasakah (ST): With the continuation of the practices of the US-backed "SDF militia" and their seizure of mills, public and private bakeries in Al-Hasakah governorate, in addition to the theft of their contents from the production requirements, the people living  in different areas of the governorate are in a state of deliberate deprivation of bread material imposed by these militias. 

Member of the governorate's executive office, Sattam Howeidi, said in a statement that “the return of stability in the production of bread and its delivery to all citizens in Hasakah Governorate is linked to the return of mills and bakeries seized by the militia to government establishments and their non-interference in the manufacture of bread or the theft of production supplies.”

Howeidi pointed out that "the  public bakeries that are still operating under the supervision of the bakery branch continue to provide bread for the people within the scope of their work.