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Army units find weapons and ammunition belonging to ISIS terrorists and destroy their headquarters in Al-Badia region

Deir Ezzour (ST):  During the operations of combing Al- Badia region, units of the Syrian Arab Army discovered quantities of weapons and ammunition and destroyed a number of ISIS terrorist headquarters in the area.

A field commander said that while the army units were carrying out their tasks of combing and clearing Al-Badia region of terrorist remnants, ammunition stores were found and were completely destroyed, a store of medicines and foodstuffs was also destroyed, in addition to an ISIS position that contained equipment, communication devices, various weapons and a number of documents.

During the past month, the army units, and after careful follow-up and extensive combing operations, eliminated terrorist groups that had attacked civilian and military buses on the international road of Deir Ezzour - Palmyra in the Chola - Kabajab area.Vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns were also destroyed. 

The army units continue to pursue terrorist remnants in the region after they secured the international road in Deir Ezzour in front of the movement of buses and citizens.