Turkish-backed terrorists prevent locals from leaving terrorist-held areas through newly opened humanitarian corridor

Turkish-backed terrorist organizations in Syria’s Idlib on Tuesday prevented many families from heading towards the Trinbeh humanitarian corridor which was opened yesterday by Idleb governorate and the Syrian Arab Army to provide access to locals who want to leave terrorist-held areas to government-controlled areas, according to Idlib Governor Mohammad Nattouf.

Nattouf said that the terrorists set up dozens of barriers alongside the M4 highway to prevent the locals from reaching the corridor, pointing out that dozens of citizens are waiting at the other side of the corridor for their family members to leave.

He added that there are more than 3 thousand high school students and about 3300 basic education students in the terrorist-held areas and they strongly want to leave to take their exams at the exam centers specified by the Ministry of Education in safe areas under the government control.

Nattouf pointed out that emergency and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) teams continue to be ready at the corridor to provide assistance to returnees.

In the same context, the terrorist groups positioned in Al-Nairab area opened their fire towards Saraqib city to frighten the locals and prevent them from heading towards the humanitarian corridor.

 Hamda Mustafa