Trinbeh humanitarian corridor in Idlib countryside opens to provide access to locals who want to leave terrorist-held areas

The Trinbeh humanitarian corridor in Saraqib city in Idlib eastern countryside was opened on Monday with the aim of receiving the locals who want to leave the terrorist-controlled areas to their villages and towns which have been liberated by the Syrian army.

Mohammad Nattouf, Idlib Governor, told SANA on Sunday that medical staff as well as a mobile clinic and an ambulance were prepared to provide medical services for the returnees. The Syrian Red Crescent teams will also be ready to provide assistance and meet the humanitarian needs of those who want to leave, he said.

 Nattouf clarified that the General Secretariat of Idlib Governorate has prepared a temporary housing center in Al-Sabeel neighborhood in Hama city for the returning families, pointing out that all facilitations will be provided for these families to secure their return to their houses in the liberated villages.

Hamda Mustafa