With the participation of the American occupation helicopters, the SDF militias kidnapped three civilians in the town of Al-Shaddadi , southern Hasakah

On February 21st, the US-backed SDF militiakidnapped three civilians from the town of Shaddadi in the southern countryside of Hasakah.

Local sources said that the SDF militiamen raided the town of Shaddadi and kidnapped three civilians and took them to the headquarters of the American occupation base in the town

The sources said that the raid campaign was accompanied by an intense flight of American occupation planes and helicopters which sparked panic and fear among the population. 

During the past days, the SDF militias carried out a campaign of raids in the countryside of Hasakah, Raqqa and Deir Ezzor and kidnapped a number of civilians as part of their continued aggressive measures to put pressure on the people who reject the presence of the militias in their areas.

O. al-Mohammad