Citizens in Hasaka and Qamishli protest against US-backed SDF militia’s criminal siege

Locals in the cities of Hasaka and Qamishli took to the streets to protest against the criminal siege imposed by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) separatist militia on the neighborhoods of the two cities that hindered the delivery of food materials and transportation, preventing students from going to their schools.

  SANA reporter said that the SDF militants opened fire at protestors to disperse them.

The protestors raised placards condemning the SDF's siege and daily violations which come in implementation of the US occupation's orders and in the service of its agenda to dominate this Syrian region and plunder its resources.

Some dignitaries and leaders of clans and tribes, who took part in these protests, said in statements to SANA that the people of Hasaka completely reject the SDF's violations that serve the US occupation and aim at starving the locals and depriving them from the basic elements of life.

They called on all citizens as well as members of the clans and tribes in Hasaka to join efforts in the confrontation of the SDF's siege and criminal practices as well as the US and Turkish occupation's attempts to steal Syria's resources and starve the Syrians  in order to force them to give up their national stances.

They condemned the silence of the international community and UN bodies as regards to this crime against humanity committed by the SDF militia against the people in Hasaka.

They stressed that the Syrian State is the only guarantor of security and dignity to all citizens, calling on all those who were misled to join the SDF ranks to abandon this militia and return to the state.

Hamda Mustafa