Maintenance team to re-operate all wells in Alouk water station

HASAKA, (ST)_The General Institute of Drinking Water in Hasaka governorate announced on Sunday that maintenance team entered today Alouk station to operate all wells in order to guarantee the pumping of water to all subscribers.
Director-General of the institute Eng. Mhoud Al-Akleh declared that the workshops entered the station to be sure that all wells are ready to be re-operated   after more than seven days of cutting water and preventing the team from entering the station by the Turkish regime's mercenaries.
"21 wells and 4 pumps are operated,  and the pumping of water to 3 districts in Hasaka city will start this afternoon," he added.
The Turkish occupation forces had stopped the Alouk water station, which supplies the city of Hasakah and the western countryside with drinking water from operating for the eighteenth time since it occupied Ras Al-Ain since November 2019.
Basma Qaddour