Al-Hasaka: Running tanks to secure water as the Turkish occupation continues to stop pumping from Allouk station

Hasaka (ST): Hasaka City Council ran a number of tanks in the center of the  city to deliver water to citizens for household use, in light of the Turkish occupation cutting off drinking water and stopping the Allouk station for the sixth consecutive day.

In a statement, president of the city council, Eng. Adnan Khajo, stated that the council had allocated  three tanks to transport and secure water suitable for household use from wells belonging to the Hasaka City Council in order to alleviate the suffering of citizens due to water shortage caused by  the suspension of pumping from the Allouk station by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries and depriving about a million people from water.

 He pointed out that the Council has drilled during the last period 28 wells in several areas in the city center, in cooperation with the High Commission  for Refugees.

Meanwhile, Director General of Hasakah Water Establishment, Eng. Mahmoud Al-Okla, affirmed the continuity of transporting drinking water from wells and stations belonging to the establishment located  to the east of the city, noting that the water is transported to fill the tanks  that  have been installed by the branch of the Syrian Red Crescent Organization in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross.