Al-Jaafari: The efforts of the Syrian state to combat and eradicate terrorism must be supported

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari reiterated that the terrorist organizations, foremost of which is “ISIS” and “Al-Nusra Front” continue to exploit  Western coverage of their crimes and so kill more Syrians. Al-Jaafari called for  strengthening international cooperation under the umbrella of the United Nations to combat terrorism to eradicate it and support the efforts of the Syrian state in this regard.

During the session of the Security Council on Wednesday via video about the situation in Syria,  Al-Jaafari said that the hypocrisy of some countries has reached a terrible point. On the one hand the American administration claims to eliminate the terrorist organization "ISIS" and on the other hand it is reforming and operating it to target Syria. We witnessed this a few days ago through the terrorist attacks that targeted a bus in Kabajib area on the road between Palmyra and Deir Ezzor, as well as targeting fuel tanks and civilian cars on Athriya-Salamiyah road, which resulted in the death of dozens of civilians and soldiers.

Al-Jaafari noted that these terrorist attacks were carried out by "ISIS" terrorists coming from the area controlled by the American occupation forces in Al-Tanf area, which includes the Rukban camp. They are also the same terrorists who previously launched bloody terrorist attacks on civilians in Al-Suwayda governorate and targeted the Syrian Arab Army. The American occupation forces present in northeastern Syria had instructed the separatist "Qasd" militia to release the "ISIS" terrorists in its custody to revive this organization again and invest in it in Syria and Iraq.

Al-Jaafari pointed out that in northwestern Syria, terrorist organizations, foremost of which are "Jabhat al-Nusra" and the groups associated with it, still control areas of Idlib governorate and its vicinity, and hold civilians as hostages and human shields, referring to continuous  commitment of criminal acts with support from the Turkish regime. These acts have obstructed the Security Council’s move to put an end to them and hold their perpetrators accountable.

Al-Jaafari indicated that with the increase in world cases of Corona and the catastrophic effects that the epidemic has left on the economy and vital sectors ,the majority of the UN member states, the United States and the European Union continue to impose more coercive measures on Syria and other countries, ignoring the calls of the Secretary-General and his special envoy to Syria and dozens of Senior representatives of the international organization to put an end to these illegal actions.

Al-Jaafari indicated that some warn today that the economic damage caused by the Corona epidemic will limit aid and finance the humanitarian response and thus reduce the number of beneficiaries of food aid. But instead of moving to avoid such a serious challenge that may result in human suffering in many countries and push more of their citizens for immigration, some Western countries continue their policies based on hegemony and occupation and the plunder of peoples' sustenance and wealth. The American occupation forces continue plundering Syria's resources of oil, gas, antiquities and agricultural crops, burning and destroying what they can not   steal. These crimes are consistent with the crimes committed by the Turkish  occupation in parts of north and northwest Syria  in partnership with terrorist groups and separatist militias. Al-Jaafari wondered: Is it not more appropriate and more deserving to exercise the Security Council's responsibilities under the Charter, to put an end to the occupation and the plunder of  peoples’ wealth  instead of allowing some to cover up their crimes by praising their generosity in financing their "humanitarian" efforts and passing their convoys across borders?

The issue of combating terrorism was exploited by Western countries either to destroy UN member states  and to eradicate their economic and cultural achievements, or stigmatize them  on charges of supporting terrorism.

Al-Jaafari stressed that politicization, selectivity, double standards, and investment in terrorism have overshadowed the issue of combating terrorism. The major beneficiaries are terrorist organizations and their leaders who have become proud of the names they are labeled with  such as "jihadists", "freedom fighters",  "moderate armed opposition” and  "the Caliphate State". Al-Jaafari pointed out that Syria has repeatedly warned that those who seek to spread chaos and ruin and adopt speeches of incitement and hatred and promote slogans such as "creative chaos" will not be immune to the effects and consequences of these practices. Unfortunately, Syria's warnings were ignored until we witnessed the embodiment of the policies of chaos, spreading havoc and fueling tensions in the events that Washington recently experienced.

Al-Jaafari clarified that the terrorist acts witnessed in Washington would have been welcomed, supported and praised by Western countries had they occurred in one of the capitals of some member states and would have been described as "an expression of democracy" and "an exercise of freedoms." However, the acts were condemned. Social media sites condemned this behavior and blocked the pages of its sponsors. Syria does not object to this and does not encourage chaos and violence anywhere, but it is surprised by this selectivity and by the continued exploitation of the extremist western parties by the same social sites to stir up sedition and conflicts, promote similar subversive practices, violence and hatred.

Al-Jaafari pointed out that the fifth round of meetings of the Constitution Discussion Committee is scheduled to be held in the coming days. Thus, Syria reaffirms its right to  control and lead the political process facilitated by the United Nations. It also stresses that the success of the work of this committee requires respecting the rules of its procedures that have been agreed upon and rejecting any external interference in its work and any attempts by some governments to impose dictations about the conclusions of its work or artificial timetables for it.

Al-Jaafari said: The presidential term in the United States ends on 20th January.This term was a symbol of extremism, aggression, sanctions, withdrawal from United Nations organizations and disavowal of its international treaty obligations. We hope that the new administration will be wise and realize that its permanent membership in the Security Council is first and foremost a major responsibility that requires it to fulfill its commitment to maintain international peace and security, stop acts of aggression,  occupation and  plundering of Syria’s wealth, withdraw its occupying forces from it, and stop supporting a separatist militia, illegal entities, and attempts to threaten Syria's sovereignty, integrity and territorial integrity.

Inas Abdulkareem