SDF militiamen attack demonstrators who demanded the release of the kidnapped teachers

Hasaka (ST):  Groups of the US- backed SDF militia  attacked demonstrators who took to the streets  to demand the release of teachers detained in the militia's prisons.

Local sources said that armed  (SDF) militiamen attacked protesters in the town of Derbasiyeh in the northern countryside of Hasaka who gathered  to condemn its crimes and to demand the release of teachers who were kidnapped by the militia during the last period.

The sources added  that the militia gunmen beat the demonstrators, especially the families of the kidnapped teachers, before a number of gunmen opened fire indiscriminately to terrify and disperse the demonstrators.

The  militiamen  had kidnapped a number of teachers in the town of Derbasiyeh during the last period and put them into its prisons under the pretext of opening educational courses to teach students at different stages according to the government educational curricula.

Over the past months, the areas where  the SDF militia deploy have witnessed demonstrations in many villages, towns and rural areas of Hasaka, Deir Ezzour and Raqqa against this militia in protest against its criminal practices against the people and the absence of safety in the areas of its deployment that witness an increase in the abductions of civilians, especially young people.