Mrs. Al-Assad: Electronic learning is no longer an additional advantage, but rather an essential part of education

Damascus (ST): During her meeting with the national teams participating in the Syrian Scientific Olympiad 2021 and their professors,  Mrs. Asma' Al-Assad  affirmed that the renaissance of countries can only be achieved through education and knowledge that lead towards a better future, stressing the importance of the electronic platform launched by the Excellence and Creativity Agency in providing remote education and training systems that keep pace with development.

Mrs. Al-Assad  considered that electronic learning is no longer just an additional advantage, but rather an essential part of education and a necessity in the post-Corona era.

She clarified  that the online platform, which is a form of distance education, represents a contemporary national achievement and an experiment that must be generalized at the level of the education sector in Syria so that the information becomes available to all students in all regions, and the distinguished professor does not remain linked to a specific geographical area and is directed to a specific group of students only.

Mrs.  Al-Assad clarified that e-learning needs an accompanying structure of electricity, the internet, technological devices and e-learning content, and it also needs teachers who are capable of providing this content to students, noting that these requirements impose a new challenge on the state.

Earlier, the Excellence and Creativity Agency concluded the Syrian Scientific Olympiad competitions for the 2020-2021 season at the Dar Al-Assad Theater for Culture and Arts and crowned the first 15 winners who will join the national teams for the Olympiad in the specializations of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and informatics.