Syrian-Belarus discussions over plans of developing joint cooperation about health camps for Syrian children in Belarus

Minsk, (ST) - The Ambassador of Syria to the Republic of Belarus, Muhammad al-Amrani, discussed with Nadezhda Gennadevna, the Director of the Belarusian Center for Child,Robronk” for Health Recreation, the continuation of the healthy recreational camps that the center holds for Syrian children

All the Syrian children in the center are the sons and daughters of martyrs and others. The two sides discussed also the plans of developing cooperation.

During his visit with a delegation from the center's embassy, Al-Amrani expressed appreciation for the humanitarian initiative of the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and for all the Belarusian efforts concerned to achieve these recreational camps for the Syrian children who suffered during the years of the terrorist war that was waged on their country.

Al-Amrani also expressed hope for the continuation of these camps, which reflect the friendly relations between Syria and Belarus. He stressed the Syrian side's readiness to take all necessary preparations and measures for the success of the upcoming camps.

Gennadevna indicated during the meeting the strong friendship between Syria and Belarus, saying that her country is ready to continue receiving Syrian children in recreational camps after the end of the Corona pandemic, expressing her admiration for the energy they have.

Since 2017, Syrian children have been received in camps in Belarus for recreation and improvement of their health conditions, especially those affected by the repercussions of the terrorist war on Syria.

Raghda Sawas