US-backed SDF militia continues to prevent workers of the Hasaka Water Establishment from entering their workplace

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces SDF separatist militia on Tuesday continued for the second day in preventing the workers of the Hasakah Water Establishment in Al-Aziziyah neighborhood from entering their workplace.

A source at the establishment told SANA that this aggressive behavior by the SDF will directly affect the situation of the services provided to citizens.

The SDF militia also kidnapped three workers from the establishment, the source added.

The SDF militia increases the pressure on the locals and commits violations against them by seizing the service buildings in order to affect the daily life of citizens in implementation of US-occupation backed suspicious schemes.

On June 27, 2020, the SDF militia seized by force several government buildings and service facilities in Ghweiran and Al-Nashwa neighborhoods to compel the locals in these areas to obey their orders.

 Hamda Mustafa