The people of Hasaka protest against the Turkish occupation’s cutting off drinking water again and in rejection of the SDF militia’s violations

On January 18th, the people of Hasaka, with the participation of all the societies and organizations , carried out a protest stand against the practices of the Turkish occupier’s cutting off drinking water to a million people in the city and rejecting the violations of the US-backed SDF militias.

The participants raised banners and mottos denouncing the violations of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries and the practices of the SDF militias.

The participants condemned the international silence about the violations against that the people of Hasaka, whether from the Turkish occupier or from the SDF militias.

Ghassan Al-Hammoud said that what is happening in the city of Hasaka is a crime against humanity and a violation of all international norms.

Lawyer Ali Abdel-Rahman said that the United Nations and Security Council bodies must move to halt the Turkish occupier and stop its violations.

For his part, citizen Hassoun Al-Shamekh explained that all these practices and violations, whether by the Turkish occupier or the SDF militias, serve the American occupier in the end.

The Director of Al-Hasakah Water Company, Eng. Mahmoud al-Okla, said: “This is the 18th time that the Turkish occupier cuts off drinking water from the people of Hasakah.

Eng. Okla called for international bodies and agencies to move to secure the stability of the Alouk station and prevent the Turkish occupier and its mercenaries from controlling it.

O. al-Mohammad