Sabbagh: the main reason for the wars and sieges that Syria is facing is its refusal to abandon the Palestinian cause

With the participation of Syria, the works of the virtual international conference of parliaments of countries defending Palestine started on January 18th.

The Iranian Islamic Shoura Council (Parliament) organized the conference within the framework of support and solidarity with the Palestinian people under the title “Jerusalem brings us together .. together against normalization with the Zionist entity.”

In his speech in the name of Syria, the Speaker of the People's Assembly (Parliament) ,Hammouda Sabbagh, stressed the importance of the conference in support of the Palestinian people.

Sabbagh indicated that Syria, Iran, the axis of resistance and other peoples who refuse humiliation and dishonor prove day after day that they do not yield to the forces of global hegemony and arrogance that are trying to undermine their steadfastness and their principled positions.

Sabbagh stressed that the issue of Palestine is the first central issue in Syria and that it does not compromise and it is a humanitarian, political and moral issue.

Sabbagh affirmed that the main reason behind what Syria has been subjected to since a decade of systematic military, diplomatic, economic, media, and psychological wars and various kinds of sieges is because of its refusal to abandon the Palestinian people and their legitimate cause.

Sabbagh said that Syria is still facing the strongest, cruelest and most brutal and terrorist types of wars throughout history.

Sabbagh expressed his hope that the meeting will come out with constructive decisions that reflect the desire of the participating countries and their common aspirations.

Sabbagh affirmed that Syria, with its wise leadership, is proceeding on the path of decisive victory in cooperation with its loyal allies and friends in the axis of resistance.

Sabbagh stressed that Syria stands by Iran and expressed his hope that the efforts of all participants in the meeting will lead to empowering the Palestinian people.

O. al-Mohammad