American occupation forces transfer 70 ISIS terrorists from Hasakah prisons to Al-Tanf

With the aim of reinvesting terrorist groups and using them to implement Washington's plans in the region, the American occupation forces transferred dozens of ISIS terrorists from prisons controlled by the "Qasd militia" in Hasaka to the occupation forces' base in Al-Tanf on the Syrian-Jordanian border.

National sources told SANA reporter that the US occupation transferred 70 ISIS terrorists detained in the Industrial Secondary School Prison at the southern entrance to the city of Hasakah to its illegal base in Al-Tanf.

The sources pointed out that the American occupation forces in Al-Tanf provide a safe shelter for terrorists in the region, support them with weapons, and provide them with protection during their movement from one place to another to carry out their aggressive plans against Syria.

On the fifth of this month, the American occupation forces transported, through one of their helicopters, 10 ISIS terrorists detained in Bulgar Camp, east of Al-Shaddadi city and 50 terrorists from the Industrial Secondary School Prison in Hasaka to their base in Al-Tanf.

Inas Abdulkareem