Syria strongly condemns US anti-Iran accusations

Syria strongly condemns the American false accusations against Iran concerning Tehran’s alleged support for Al-Qaeda terrorist organization, an official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said on Thursday.

In a statement to SANA, the source expressed Syria’s absolute astonishment at the US administration's accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran which claim that Tehran supports Al-Qaeda terrorist organization, stressing that these accusations come in the context of the US anti-Iran hysterical campaign.

Syria voices its full solidarity with Iran in the face of this American hallucination, the source said.

 “These American fabrications will no longer deceive anyone. They are nothing but a desperate attempt by the reckless American administration to remove such an accusation and pin it to others. The entire world has realized that Al Qaeda and many other terrorist organizations are an American industry par excellence and one of the tools of the American policy to terrorize people, destabilize the security and stability of other countries and subjugate them to the American hegemony,” the source clarified.

The source affirmed Syria’s condemnation of such false accusations by a floundering American regime that behaves like bandits and renewed its call on all the countries that are being exposed to various kinds of American pressure and unjust measures to coordinate their stances in confrontation of the American recklessness, which poses a serious threat to the world’s security and stability.

Hamda Mustafa