A member of “SDF” militia killed in the city of Al-Basira in the eastern countryside of DeirEzzour

Deir Ezzour, (ST) - A gunman from the SDF militia associated with the US occupation forces was shot dead in the city of Al-Basira in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzour

Local sources indicated to SANA that a militia member (SDF) was shot dead in the garage of Al-Busirah city in the eastern countryside of DeirEzzour.

The attacks on the SDF militia militants continue in the areas of the Syrian Al- Jazeera, where a number of them were killed and wounded in operations that affected their vehicles in the town of Dashisha, southeast of Al-Hasakah, and on the Al-Nakhr road east of Al-Raqqa.

Several areas in the countryside of Deir Ezzor have been witnessing demonstrations calling for the expulsion of the American occupation and the SDF militia, which keeps harassing the people, looting their properties, besieging villages and towns, kidnapping youths, targeting tribal notables and stealing the  Syrians’ resources in  of Al-Jazeera region.

Raghda Sawas