Nada from Syria's Der Ezzour: I was shocked by the Israeli attack on my city

She was shocked when she read that Israeli jets targeted her city of Der Ezzour today at dawn.

Nada, who was at her house in Damascus when the Israeli attack occurred, told the Syria Times e-newspaper that the hostile strikes usually target the countryside of Der Ezzour, not the city.

Her mother, who is now in Der Ezzour city, heard sounds of explosion but she could not determine what was happening because the power was off.

"The Israeli enemy targeted a hospital, which receives both military personnel and civilians as there are only 2 hospitals: Al-Assad Hospital and the Military Hospital. It is a crime," she added.

The residents in the city were shocked and afraid. They did not know why the Israeli jets targeted their city.

A mother said that her children woke up when the attack occurred and they were crying because of the loud sounds of explosion. "We forgot that the power was off and our main concern was to calm down the children, who were asking what is going on Mum!!."

Another resident in Der Ezzour thought that it was Doomsday.

Now, the situation in the city is normal again.

A senior US intelligence official on Wednesday said airstrikes in eastern Syria were carried out by Israel with intelligence provided by the United States, according to AP.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour