Syria strongly condemns Washington’s unfair decision to re-list Cuba on the US list of countries sponsoring terrorism

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Syria has strongly condemned the American unfair decision of re-listing Cuba on the US list of states sponsoring terrorism and voiced solidarity with the leadership and peoples of Cuba, according to an official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates.

The source told SANA on Wednesday that Syria is confident about Cuba’s ability to foil the decision of the US regime which has proved that it sponsors and supports terrorism to serve its political agenda.

“This American decision, once again, confirms the US administration’s confusion during its last days and proves that this administration has lost credibility after denying and refusing to abide by many international agreements and conventions as well as by the decisions of the previous American administrations,” the source said.

 The source added that the American approach of imposing sanctions on sovereign countries to subjugate them to the American hegemony is doomed to failure because of peoples’ resistance and steadfastness and it will only lead to the escalation of tension in the international arena.

Syria voices its solidarity with the friendly people and leadership of Cuba and stresses its confidence that the Cuban revolution, which resisted the unjust American blockade for more than half a century, will be able to confront and foil the decision of the American regime which has repeatedly proved that it sponsors and supports terrorism to serve its political agenda in the region and it disregards people’s rights and interests, the source concluded.

Hamda Mustafa