Syria says selfish solutions and double-standard policy of some countries are behind the spread of terrorism

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates and Syria's permanent representative to the UN Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari has called for questioning the countries that support terrorism in Syria and forcing them to halt their violations of the international law and the UN charter. 
During a session held on Tuesday on " “Threats to international peace and security caused by terrorist acts", the Syrian diplomat asserted that taking no action by the UN as regards terrorist acts has encouraged terrorists and their sponsors to go ahead with their crimes. 
"20 years after adopting UN resolution No. 1373 that stipulates the necessity to combat terrorism -terrorism too has evolved itself especially with the use of up to date technology that has been used to disseminate "hate speech" and to attract youths towards violence and extremism," Al-Jaafari added. 
He made it clear that terrorism is based on hate, murder and destruction and there is nothing called positive extremism and negative extremism.  
"Syria has abided by its international obligations related to pursuing terrorists and holding them accountable for their crimes," he added, calling on the UN to shoulder its responsibility towards fighting terrorism. 
Al-Jaafari pointed out that there is a large  number of foreign terrorists and their families in several camps that are under the control of the US-backed separatist militia. 
"A new generation of terrorists and extremists are born in these camps and they are involved in terrorist acts," Al-Jaafari affirmed, referring to the fact that Syria is fulfiling its duty towards protecting its people and culture from terrorism and enhancing the internation efforts that aim to fight terrorism. 
He blamed some countries, mainly the EU for the spread of foreign terrorists, saying that these countries have adopted selfish solutions and individual policies to serve their narrow national interests. 
The Syrian diplomat concluded by saying that the  double-standard policy of some countries leads to the continuity of terrorist acts in Syria and in other countries in the world. 
Basma Qaddour