On occasion of Christmas: Nightly masses held in Syrian governorates affirm necessity of adhering to great virtues and sublime ideals of Jesus Christ

Damascus: (ST): Christian denominations in Syria held masses in churches and worship places on occasion of Christmas Eve ,the birth of Christ, the messenger of love and peace.

At the Cathedral of the Roman Catholics at Al-Zaitoun Street in Damascus, a huge mass was held and presided over by Archbishop of Antioch and the Whole East for the Roman Catholics Yousef Al-Absi.

In his sermon, Al-Absi highlighted the sublime values of Christmas praying to God Almighty to protect Syria, its people, army and leader President Bashar al-Assad.

The Church of the Sacred Cross in Damascus also held a mass headed by Archbishop Ephraim Ma’alouli of Antioch and the Whole East for the Roman Orthodox.
Ma’alouli stressed the necessity of adhering to the great virtues and ideals of Jesus Christ, underlining the importance of embodying these values in our daily behavior. He also prayed to God for the release of the abducted bishops Johanna Ibrahim and Paul Yaziji who have been abducted since April 2013.

At the church of Mar Paul for the Syriac Catholics, a mass was held and headed by the Archbishop of the Syriac Catholics Jihad Battah who said in his sermon that we celebrate Christmas as we live in very difficult economic conditions that resulted from the unfair blockade being imposed on our country. However, he added, Syria has been able to confront terrorism and achieve victory over it, noting that Syrian people are seeking to reconstruct their country and enable the displaced Syrians to return to their homeland.

Head of Damascus Patriarchy for the Maronites Archbishop Sameer Nassar presided over a mass at the Church of Mar Antonius in Bab Tuma. He prayed to God Almighty to protect Syria, its people and leader. 

Similar masses were held in Dara’a, Sweida, Lattakia and other Syrian governorates in which the preachers highlighted the sublime values of the occasion and the great sacrifices offered by Syrian people and army in confrontation of terrorism and the unfair economic blockade.