The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation steal the electricity poles in Abu Rasin area in the countryside of Hasaka

Hasaka,(ST)-The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation from the terrorist organizations continue to loot public facilities, infrastructure and the property of the people in the villages in which they are deployed, where they stole electricity poles today in Abu Rasin district in the northern countryside of Hasaka.

Local sources indicated to SANA's correspondent that the terrorists of the Turkish occupation dismantled the electricity poles and towers of the high-tension network in the villages of Bab al-Khair, Umm Ashba and Dawudiyah in the Abu Rasin district in the northern countryside of Hasaka, and transferred them to warehouses where they store their stolen scrap and other items and sell them later to Turkish brokers.

The sources indicated that the criminal practices of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against the people of the occupied villages in the countryside of Hasaka fall within the policy of restricting the people in the area and depriving them of infrastructure, including electricity and water, in order to force them to leave their homes so that they can seize them permanently.

The Turkish occupation forces and its terrorist mercenaries, since their aggression on the Syrian lands on the ninth of last October, have been persistent in burning agricultural crops and stealing property, equipment, agricultural machinery and homes, after their owners were displaced under false pretenses, in addition to  the continues cutting of drinking water from the Alouk station, which increases the suffering of civilians in Hasaka.

Haifaa Mafalani