The American occupation sends military and logistical reinforcements to its illegal bases in Al-Hasaka countryside

Al-Hasaka, (ST) -The US occupation forces have sent military and logistical reinforcements coming from Iraq to their illegal bases in Al-Hasaka countryside, in a new violation of international laws and norms.

SANA's correspondent, quoting civilian sources from the village of Al-Suwaidiyah in the countryside of Al-Yarubiyah, stated that, a convoy of 72 vehicles loaded with equipment and logistical materials belonging to the US occupation forces moved this afternoon through the illegal Al-Walid crossing to the Syrian lands coming from Iraq.

The sources pointed out that the convoy includes tanks, refrigerators, laminated trucks and carriers with military equipment and covered armored vehicles, and headed to the city of Rmelan to reinforce the illegal presence of the US occupation forces.

Last Sunday, the American occupation forces sent from ,the illegal Tal Baidar base in the Al-Qamishli area near the international road from Iraqi territories, fifty vehicles, including refrigerated freight cars and others, as well as military vehicles accompanied by military Hummer vehicles.

Raghda Sawas