Constitution Discussion Committee is following up on meetings of the fourth round in Geneva for the third day in a row

Geneva , (ST) - The Constitution Discussion Committee followed up in its fourth round of meetings for the second consecutive day at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva with the participation of the national delegation and other delegations.

The interventions of the national delegation during yesterday's meetings focused on two basic national principles, namely the humanitarian file and the issue of lifting the illegal sanctions imposed on the Syrian people, and the sanctions that are aimed at breaking the will of the people and make them accept the plans that these countries drew for the region.

The fourth round of the committee  talks began in Geneva on Monday  during which the national delegation stressed the need to adopt the issue of the return of refugees as an overarching national principle due to its importance at various levels, foremost of which is the human level. The delegation also underlined the importance of the need to  stop politicizing the refugees’ file and investing in it to achieve political and economic interests at the expense of the continuing suffering of the displaced Syrians and their poor living conditions.

It is noteworthy that the third round of the Mini-committee meetings was held at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva at the end of last August and was part of an agenda entitled "Basic National Principles", while the first and second rounds were held in Geneva during November of last year.

Raghda Sawas