Two SDF militia's members killed in Syria

HASAKA, RAQQA, (ST)_Two gunmen affiliated to US-backed "Syrian Democratic Forces" militia were killed in al-Hol Camp and in the vicinity of Ayn Issa city in the countrysides of Hasaka and Raqqa, according to local sources.

The sources said that one of the members of the SDF militia [Its Arabic acronym is QASAD] was killed when unknown people opened fired on him in the 4th section in al-Hol camp.

While the second SDF militia's member was killed as a landmine blew off near one of the militia's checkpoints in the vicinity of Ayn Issa city.  

Yesterday, an attack with machineguns was carried out against a military vehicles affiliated to the SDF militia on al-Khrafi road to the south of Hasaka.

Basma Qaddour