Levant Scholar's Union: Blocking water supplies for Hasaka locals by Turkish occupation and its mercenaries a terrorist act

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The Levant Scholar's Union has affirmed that cutting off water supplies by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries for Hasaka locals is a terrorist act that aims at spreading death and blocking basic elements of life.

In a statement on Saturday, the union said that such an inhuman behavior by the terrorists and their Turkish sponsor is not strange because this is the way the terrorists deal with all who oppose them, pointing out that terrorists had previously blocked water supplies to seven million people in Damascus and its countryside.

The union added that "the Turkish regime's dirty and barbaric practices that spread injustice, thirst and death here and there have reached an unacceptable level and public opinion should not be silent over. It called on countries of the world to assume their responsibilities in putting an end to the corruption, tyranny and violations of the Turkish regime which has abandoned the simplest human and moral values.

 Hamda Mustafa