SDF militias seize the communications center of Safia village, north of Hasaka

On July 12, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militias seized the communication center  in the Safia village, 13 km north Hasaka city, stopped its work and kicked out its workers by force of arms out of the center .

The center’s workers staged a sit-in and demanded the “SDF” militants leave the building so that they can continue providing services to the people.

The Director of  the Syrian Telecom Corporation in the Governorate of al-Hasakah Dr. Jamil Bilal stated  that gunmen  of SDF kicked out the workers from the center  and  warned them of returning after confiscating the keys of the station.


It is to be noted that the SDF militants  have taken control of the headquarters of the General Electricity Company in Hasakeh city since 16 days.


O. al-Mohammad