Syria & Russia: The US is the main obstacle hindering humanitarian aid

Moscow (ST): The Syrian and Russian Coordination  Committees in charge of enabling the displaced Syrians  return to their permanent residence affirmed that the US has been obstructing the arrival of humanitarian aid to the displaced Syrians in al-Rukban camp in al-Tanf area which is occupied by the US forces.

In a statement, the Committees stressed that the US was hindering the arrival of medical aid that the displaced Syrians are in dire need of  in light of the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Committees demanded  guaranteeing safe and unconditional exit for the displaced Syrians in al-Rukban camp to their permanent residence and ending the occupation of al-Tanf area. 

The statement reiterated that the only obstacle impeding the solution of the problem of the displaced Syrians in al-Rukban camp is the US responsibility which alleges commitment to human values, but in fact it doesn’t do anything except support the terrorist organizations deployed in the area.

The Committees affirmed the failure of all efforts exerted to cooperate with the US side despite the strenuous efforts being exerted by Syria and Russia to get rid of al-Rukban camp and concentrate efforts on confronting the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, noting that the illegitimate American presence on the Syrian territories is the main obstacle in the face of ensuring good health condition for citizens in al-Rukban camp.