Car march held in commemoration of World Jerusalem Day

Damascus (ST): Under the title of “ Jerusalem, the Path of Martyrs”,  the city of Damascus witnessed today a march of cars in commemoration of World Jerusalem Day. Organized by the Preparatory Committee of the World Jerusalem Day , the march headed from the Ummayyad Square towards Mezza Highway reaching al-Akram Mosque then returning to the Square.
The marchers raised the flags of the states of the resistance axis , the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance groups. They also raised placards affirming the continuity of ceaseless resistance until the liberation of all the occupied Arab territories.
The statement released by the participants reiterated the Arab identity of the city of Jerusalem and the failure of all judaization attempts that aim to change the demographic and geographic status of the city.
The participants denounced the normalization attempts with the Zionist entity and the so-called deal of the century which aims to liquidate the Palestine question and usurp the rights of the Palestinian people.
They clarified that marking World Jerusalem Day by the resistance axis under difficult circumstances in light of the spread of the Corona pandemic testifies to the fact that the Palestinian cause remains the most important issue to  all free Arab and Muslim people.
World Jerusalem Day is marked annually on the last Friday of the Holy month of Ramadan to express solidarity with the Palestinian people and rejection of all Judaization attempts of the city of Jerusalem.