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New leaks appear about the OPCW's politicized report on Syria

Current and former officials at the Organization of the Prohibition of Chemical weapons (OPCW) continue to leak information proving deliberate manipulation of the recent report issued by the Organization about the alleged use of chemical weapons in al-Latamneh village in 2017. The leaks described the report as incomplete, politicized and full of mistakes.

A new leak was recently obtained by The Grey Zone independent news website in which a number of officials, who contributed to preparing and editing the report issued and prepared by the so-called Investigation and Identification Team at the OPCW last April 8 said that the report was politicized and misleading. "The report was politicized and depended on rumors and false allegations.  It was also influenced by secret unprofessional experts biased in favour of the opposition groups." The Grey Zone site quoted some officials as saying.

According to the new leak, a number of neutral experts, who no longer have  any desire to connect themselves to politicized reports released by the (OPCW), consider the report about using toxic materials in Latamnah in 2017 as incorrect from  both procedural and scientific sides.

The experts affirmed that the OPCW's report casts light once again on some influential states' misuse of the Organization to achieve certain political objectives. "It is clear that the Investigation and Identification Team does not aim to investigate into the alleged chemical attacks in Syria, but to accuse the Syrian states of such attacks." The experts clarified.

The experts added that no one of the so-called Investigation and Identification Team visited the sites of the alleged attacks but they depended on misleading information presented by the armed terrorists groups stationed there.

Earlier, Foreign and Expatriates Ministry had said that the (OPCW) report is misleading and included false and fabricated conclusions.

The Ministry affirmed that the report included false and fabricated conclusions which aim at forging facts and accusing the Syrian government of using toxic materials, depending on sources that were prepared and fabricated by Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists and the so-called “White Helmets” terrorist organization in an implementation of the instructions given to them by the US, Turkey and some western countries.