Mr.Zero problems blames Erdogan himeself for the current events in north Syria

Once again, the former Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu acknowledges that the Turki sh regime has been involved in the war on Syria. 
In an attempt to acquit himself of the responsibility of what has happened in north Syria, Davutoglu [Mr. Zero problems] has blamed Erdogan himeself for that. 
He told KRT TV channel:  "Erdogan's gang are trying to acquit him of the current situation in Syria and to blame me, and this is not true because Erdogan has been the final decision maker."  
Davutoglu, who was a main player in internal and foreign policies of Turkey,  affirmed that there are attempts to cover the Turkish regime's mistakes. 
"One day, we will frankly talk about these mistakes that have cost Turkey a lot, " Davutoglu added, asserting the Erdogan has not learned from these mistakes. 
He, in addition, emphasized that the mistakes committed by Erdogan are behind the outbreak of Coronavirus in Turkey. 
Erdogan and those who are with him consider any person,  who critizes the regime's policy, as an agent and traitor.
Basma Qaddour