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Education Minister: No schools as long as there is health threat

Damascus (ST): The Minister of Education Imad al-Azab affirmed that the decision taken by the governmental team in charge of confronting the Corona virus pandemic regarding the closure of public and private schools and institutes from 2 through 16 Aprilwas taken to preserve the health of students.

In an interview with the Syrian Channel al-Azab said that the educational process and examinations are important but the health of our students is above any other consideration.

He added that as long as there is a danger to the health of our students, there would not be schools or exams, stressing that  the government priority is to confront any danger threatening Syrian citizens' lives, noting that when the danger is removed things will return to normal.

Concerning the final exams of the basic education and secondary school certificates, al-Azab said they are still on their scheduled time without any change.

Al-Azab went on to say that the idea of cancelling the exam is not logical, noting that when things return to normal, there will be several possible options and mechanisms to compensate the educational loss. 

He clarified that the Syrian educational channel was transmitting lessons for all classes, noting that the process of schools' disinfection are continuous as about 10000 schools have been sterilized and the rest will be completed in the forthcoming few days.