The Cabinet: Stopping public and private transportation within and between governorates to face the Coronavirus

On March 22, the Cabinet called all citizens to take full care to follow the Ministry of Health's guidelines regarding non-assembly, the use of sterilizers, disinfectants, personal hygiene care, and sterilization of tools and places to avoid transmitting any infection in the event of its presence.

The Cabinet ordered to stop all public and private transportation within governorates (inside each governorate) on March 23 and between governorates at 8p.m on March 24.


According to the Cabinet, the ministries, governmental organizations, unions and private-owned companies will transport their employees and workers with specific requirements.

In its weekly session, headed by Prime Minister Eng. Imad Khamis, the Cabinet approved the plan of the Ministry of Health and other ministries for the next 6 months to tackle the Coronavirus, expand the numbers of quarantine centers, establish 19 emergency epidemiological teams in all governorates and establish auxiliary laboratories for the reference laboratories in Damascus, Lattakia and Aleppo in cooperation With the World Health Organization( WHO).

The Cabinet urged the governors to follow-up and secure the needs of citizens and ensure the continuation of the productive process in the public and private sectors and activate consumer protection patrols in cities and rural areas.

The Cabinet allowed private sector industrial facilities to produce sterilizers and alcohol and to import their need of raw materials for the manufacture of sterilizers for15 days.

The Cabinet urged the Ministry of Interior Trade and Consumer Protection to run trucks to distribute bread in urban and rural centers.

The Cabinet urged the Ministry of Interior Trade and Consumer Protection to coordinate with the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Governors to set the executive mechanism for the Cabinet’s decision to close markets and all commercial, social and cultural activities except for food and catering centers, pharmacies and health centers.

The Minister of Local Administration and Environment Eng. Hussein Makhlouf stated that the decisions recently issued by the ministries in the framework of the procedures to address the Coronavirus are followed by the governors directly.

Makhlouf stressed the availability of the requirements of basic subsidized materials, especially bread, as well as health requirements such as detergents, sterilizers.

O. al-Mohammad