Dozens of buses arrive in Aleppo coming from other Syrian provinces via Aleppo-Damascus international highway

ALEPPO, (ST)-Dozens of buses with travelers on board  arrived on Saturday in Aleppo province coming from Damascus, Homs, Hama , Lattakia and Tartous governorates to mark the reopening of the Aleppo-Damascus International Highway to passengers as well as to public and private transportation after the Syrian army had secured the highway's vicinity from the danger of the terrorist organizations.

A number of buses also left Aleppo via Aleppo's  western gate, al-Nasr roundabout and the beginning of Aleppo-Damascus highway, SANA reporter said.

 Many travelers expressed happiness for arriving  in Aleppo safely and quickly through the Aleppo-Damascus highway, stressing that reopening this road is very important as it is a vital lifeline that links Aleppo with other Syrian provinces and facilitates the flow of goods.

Aleppo-Damascus Highway was reopened today following eight years of closure because of terrorism thanks to the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab army in its battle to restore security and safety to Aleppo, the travelers stressed.

Hamda Mustafa