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US sends military and logistic reinforcements to its occupation forces in Hasaka countryside

HASAKA, (ST)- A new convoy of 10 trucks carrying US military and logistic reinforcements, sent by Washington to its occupation troops in Syria's Hasaka countryside, has illegally entered the Syrian territories coming from Iraq.

The American occupation forces brought these reinforcement in a fresh violation of international law.

According to local sources, the convoy entered the Syrian territories  from Iraq via the illegal al-Waleed crossing and moved from  al-Ya'roubeyya area to the US occupation base in Kharab al-Jeer airbase in al-Malkeya area of Qamishli countryside.

 Over the past few months, the US occupation has sent thousands of trucks loaded with weapons as well as military and logistic equipments to its troops in the Syrian al-Jazira area in order to enhance their presence there and be able to steal the Syrian oil, natural resources and main crops.

Hamda Mustafa