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Summary of Russian –Turkish Agreement on Idlib

Russian president Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart concluded on Thursday an agreement on halting combat operations in Idlib. According to the agreement all kinds of terrorism organizations classified as such by the security Council , will be combatted by the two countries to guarantee the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Syria.

It also provides for setting-up a safe zone with a depth of 6 km along the M4 Aleppo-Lattakia International Road where joint Russian-Turkish patrols will be carried out to protect the road.
The Russian Turkish agreement also included Turkish recognition of what the Syrian Arab Army had controlled and halting attacks on the Damascus-Aleppo International highway in preparation to re-opened it to civilians, according to Syria’s permanent Representative at the United Nation Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari ‘s facebook page.

In general, the agreement was imposed by the Russians and according to their conditions and Turkish side agreed given its retreat in the battlefield. It is note worthy to mention that Aleppo, which is Syria’s economic capital , will be able to reach the markets of Damascus and the ports of Latakia easily and start the
rehabilitation of its industrial cities in the north and west, which provides tens of thousands of job opportunities for Syrians.

Rawaa Ghanam