Foreign Ministry says Syria not surprised by the bandit behavior of U.S. administration and Turkish regime

DAMASCUS, (ST)_The infiltration of several U.S. officials into Idleb province in Syria consolidates the reality that the U.S. Administration considers itself above the international law and UN charters, a source at Ministry of Expatriates and Foreign Affairs said.

The source added that the International law and UN charters provide for respecting the sovereignty of states and non-intervention in the states' internal affairs .

"The US step that was taken in collusion with the Turkish regime reveals the destructive role of the United States in supporting the Turkish aggression and complicating the situation in Syria," the source affirmed, indicating that the US seeks to cover the crimes of terrorist groups and to prevent their defeat after the victories achieved by Syrian army.   

"Syria condemns in the strongest possible terms the bandit behavior of US Administration and the Turkish regime," the source stated.

It went on to say: "Syria was not surprised by the infiltration of US officials in this way as they offered all forms of support to terrorist groups  in blatant violation of UN resolutions on combating terrorism ."

Yesterday, the US Ambassador to UN Kelly Craft, the US Special Envoy to Syria James F. Jeffrey and US ambassador to Turkey David M. Satterfield infiltrated into Syrian territories through al-Hawa border crossing.

Basma Qaddour