Al-Moallem says UN humanitarian bodies should double efforts to face repercussions of terrorist war imposed on the Syrians

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Deputy Premier, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Walid al-Moallem has stressed that the UN organizations working in the humanitarian and development fields should double their efforts to face the repercussions and negative impacts of terrorist war imposed on the Syrian people and the Turkish aggression on Syrian territories.

He made the remarks during his meeting on Wednesday with a UN joint delegation comprising the Executive Director of the World Food Program David Beasley and UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore.

The talks dealt with the distinguished cooperation between the Syrian government and each of the WFP and UNICEF ad with methods of enhancing this cooperation to respond to the humanitarian challenges facing the Syrians in different domains because of the war.

 Al-Moallem also affirmed the need to confront the catastrophic impacts of the unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on the Syrians that have worsened their suffering and affected their ability to ensure their basic needs.

“Facing these negative impacts can be done through the contribution of the UN and its bodies to implementing different development projects that serve the Syrians and through submitting UN reports to the international community on the negative impacts of economic terrorism on the humanitarian situation in Syria ” said the Syrian top diplomat.

Al-Moallem reiterated that the Syrian government has always been ready to facilitate the work of the UN organizations and agencies in the country according to the needs and priorities of all the Syrian citizens without discrimination.

He hailed the WFP and UNICEF’s cooperation with all national partners in the government and non-government sectors, asserting that Syria welcomes all the projects and initiatives that serve the Syrians and achieve the hoped-for development in the country, particularly in the areas that have recently been liberated from terrorism.

On their part, Beasley and Fore thanked the Syrian government for facilitating the work of the humanitarian organizations in Syria and for supporting the implementation of the different humanitarian programs of the WFP and UNICEF in the country.

They vowed more cooperation and coordination with the Syrian government for implementing all the plans that aim at alleviating the  disastrous effects of the ongoing crisis on the Syrians.

Hamda Mustafa