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Syria and China sign an economic and technical cooperation agreement

Damascus,(ST)-Within the framework of the economic, scientific and technical cooperation relations between Syria and China, the two sides signed today an economic and technical cooperation agreement in which the Chinese government provides a grant to finance a range of a humanitarian needs in Syria.

The agreement signed by the Planning and International Cooperation Authority provides for the Chinese government to provide a financial grant of 100 million yuan, equivalent to 14 million dollars, to the Syrian government, which will be used to finance a set of humanitarian needs that will be agreed upon between the two sides.


In a press statement between the head of the Planning and International Cooperation Authority, Dr. Imad Sabouni, who signed the agreement on the Syrian side, the grant comes within the series of grants provided by the Chinese government, which is the fifth in a year, with the total value of the grants so far reaching 400 million Chinese yuan, approximately 60 million dollars.

Sabouni indicated that this grant will be used to finance various fields related to responding to humanitarian needs and alleviate the suffering caused by the terrorist war and its repercussions on the Syrian people, noting that previous grants were used in the areas of health, environment and education.

In turn, the ambassador of China in Damascus, Phuong Piao, who signed the agreement, affirmed that it falls within the framework of cooperation between the two governments and affirms the depth of the bilateral relationship.

Haifaa Mafalani