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The General Command of the Army: A Turkish military convoy crosses into Syria to protect terrorists and obstruct the army's progress in Idlib

The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces confirmed today the readiness and determination of the Syrian Arab Army to confront any aggression on the Syrian soil.

The simultaneous Israeli and Turkish attempts to support terrorism will not prevent the Syrian army from pursuing its field missions until the elimination of terrorism from all of Syria, the General Command added.

In a statement, the General Command announced that " concurrently with the Israeli air aggression and even under its cover, a Turkish military convoy which combines a number of vehicles and armored vehicles entered at 2:00 am. today and crossed from Uglinar towards the Syrian territories."


The statement pointed out that the Turkish military convoy “spread on a line between the towns of Binnech, Ma`rat Misrin, Taftanaz” with the aim of protecting the terrorists, headed by (Jabhat al-Nusra), and obstructing the progress of the Syrian Arab Army. The entrance of the military convoy also aims to prevent the Syrian army  from completing the elimination of organized terrorism that besieges civilians in Idlib Governorate and takes them as hostages and human shields”.

“As the General Command of the army and the armed forces pursues its national duties in defending the security of the homeland and citizens, it at the same time confirms the readiness and determination of the Syrian Arab Army to confront the aggression, regardless of its names and forms" the statement added.

The statement concluded saying that "the simultaneous Israeli and Turkish attempts as well as the support of the  armed takfiri terrorism will not succeed in discouraging our soldiers from pursuing their field missions until the entire Syrian soil is cleared of the  armed terrorist organizations."

Inas Abdulkareem