Syrian army liberates more areas in Aleppo, finds tunnel in Idleb

ALEPPO/ IDLEB, (ST)_The Syrian army units liberated several areas and destroyed an armored vehicle belonging to terrorists in Aleppo countryside and found a tunnel in Idleb countryside.

According to the Syrian Alikhbaria TV channel, the army units destroyed the armored vehicle of terrorists on the axis of Khan Toman area, while the tunnel was found in area located between Ma'ar Shamsheh town and Ma'arret al-No'aman city.

The Syrian News Agency (SANA) reported that the army units liberated M'arta , fuel depots, Rehbet al-Taslih, Khan Toman depots and al-Rashedin 5 from terrorist groups.  

The areas are located to the west of Aleppo. 

the agency also indicated that RT correspondent Wafaa Shabroni was wounded in Maarret al-Noaman area in Idleb as terrorist groups targeted the team of RT while they were covering the events there.

Moreover, the army units fortified their positions on the axes of Khan Touman.

Yesterday, the army units targeted the hideouts of al-Nusra Front terrorists in the southwestern countryside of Aleppo.

Basma Qaddour