Turkish occupation, its terrorist tools press ahead with atrocious crimes against locals


Hasaka (ST) Turkish occupation forces and their terrorist tools continued to commit savage crimes against the inhabitants of the towns and villages they occupied in Hasaka.

The crimes committed including kidnapping youths to blackmail their parents, and robbing the properties of the locals in order to force them to leave their homes so that terrorist groups and their families replace them with the aim of creating a demographic change in the region.

Local sources affirmed that the terrorist groups which work by orders of the Turkish occupation forces abducted tens of civilians from the city of Ras al-Ein and the adjacent villages near a barrier established by terrorists in Tal Halaf village, about 2 km away from the city.

The families of the abducted said that their sons were beaten and tormented before being taken to a prison set up by terrorists in the center of Haboub village,  about 13 km from the city.

The Turkish occupation forces have also imposed strict measures on the locals through stealing electricity transformers and the electricity poles connecting villages and towns and transporting them to Turkey to force the residents to leave their homes.

From the beginning of the Turkish aggression on the Syrian territories, Erdogan's regime has been working on creating a demographic change in the areas it occupied, through the displacement of scores of families and by bringing terrorists to replace them.

About 20,000 Syrian families have been displaced from their homes in the areas occupied by Turkish forces in the countryside of Hasaka city.